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Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Whatever your training and coaching needs, areas served included:

Sales Training
Sales Coaching
Sales Growth
Lead Generation
Team Productivity
Business Innovation
Marketing Innovation

Clients who have benefited by what you will learn in this program

Phoebe Greening CPA Partner

After hearing Trevor presents a short 30 second intro at a networking event I knew he was man I needed to work to make my dream a reality.

I attended his Super Star Speaker course and from there made the decision to work one-on-one with him.

Trevor has provided me with the structure and support I needed to give me the confidence to market myself and develop impactful presentation with the confidence and skills to ask for the audiences business as well. My goal was to do six presentations by 30 June, Trevor helped me connect with different networking groups and event organizers and I already have 6 speaking engagements booked, amazing myself that I could do it. Trevor is an amazing coach and mentor, he has given me the confidence and skills to catapult my speaking career and I would highly recommend anyone who has a desire to speak to promote their business, share their massage and set the world on fire to work with Trevor Russell.

Thank-You for your help and support Trevor.

Tina Viney, CEO, Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network

Trevor Russell is a colourful, charismatic public speaker, business trainer and coach who brings to life the often dreaded subject of sales and sales performance, which are so essential for the success of any business. His passion in mastering the art of sales is unquestionable. His training skilfully introduces a new and endearing approach and strategies that have allowed numerous businesses and their staff to embrace the skill of successful sales and see their businesses grow.

Trevor knows the valuable and importance of client engagement. His sales approach is therefore based on courtesy and respect for others and the value of understanding your clients and what is important to them as the key launch-pad to building trust and effective persuasion in client decision-making. He brings great value to any training session, but most importantly, measurable results.

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