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Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Clients who have benefited by what you will learn in this program

Phoebe Greening CPA Partner

After hearing Trevor presents a short 30 second intro at a networking event I knew he was man I needed to work to make my dream a reality.

I attended his Super Star Speaker course and from there made the decision to work one-on-one with him.

Trevor has provided me with the structure and support I needed to give me the confidence to market myself and develop impactful presentation with the confidence and skills to ask for the audiences business as well. My goal was to do six presentations by 30 June, Trevor helped me connect with different networking groups and event organizers and I already have 6 speaking engagements booked, amazing myself that I could do it. Trevor is an amazing coach and mentor, he has given me the confidence and skills to catapult my speaking career and I would highly recommend anyone who has a desire to speak to promote their business, share their massage and set the world on fire to work with Trevor Russell.

Thank-You for your help and support Trevor.

Tina Viney, CEO, Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network

Trevor Russell is a colourful, charismatic public speaker, business trainer and coach who brings to life the often dreaded subject of sales and sales performance, which are so essential for the success of any business. His passion in mastering the art of sales is unquestionable. His training skilfully introduces a new and endearing approach and strategies that have allowed numerous businesses and their staff to embrace the skill of successful sales and see their businesses grow.

Trevor knows the valuable and importance of client engagement. His sales approach is therefore based on courtesy and respect for others and the value of understanding your clients and what is important to them as the key launch-pad to building trust and effective persuasion in client decision-making. He brings great value to any training session, but most importantly, measurable results.

Whatever your training and coaching needs, areas served included:

Sales Training

Do you have a goal and need to improve sales results for your business or company?
Could you be experiencing no problem is no matter what you do you just can’t seem to get sales to a level that will achieve the level of profits you want?
Or maybe it’s time to really improve, upskill and reinforce the most productive approaches to customer/client and sales growth?

I can completely appreciate all these needs and wants when it comes to looking at sales training. Sales is the number one reason we are all in business. Yet it is the least trained in, understood and poorly executed element to the ongoing success of any business.
Therefore, I have developed the Attract Clients Grow Sales learning system. My goal is for you to have access to simple, easy to access and digest, sales training.

So that you can be up to date with how to attract a consistent flow of customers and clients. And most importantly have a proven process, approach and skill that allows you and your team members response for sales, to know how to engage potential customers and take them on a journey to want to buy your products and services.

Technology is great and useful yet if you don’t include traditional (upgrading) selling and enrolment skills into your business, with how to speak, connect, engage and enrol customers through speaking, presenting and proposing, following up.

To determine their problems and how you can help and fix them, you will not succeed.

Sales training to master these skills and many others is critical if you truly want to grow, succeed and prosper. This is what you will get in this program plus lots of other valuable training, education and learnings.

Sales Coaching

While there a lots of business coaches out there and yes many do focus on sales. How many sales coaches do you come across? Not to many? Why? Because from my experience, sales is a very specific skill and to be able to really know the modern skill and approach to being masterful in the art of good sales skills, takes years of practice, refinement and mastery. And you need to love the process of selling.

This is an area that 20 years ago I would have laughed if you said I’d one day be teach and specialising in sales coaching. Where as now after many years learning and applying these skills and mastering the art of how to sell will skill and confidence. I love this process of selling. Which really for me is the process of engaging potential customers and taking them on a journey to want to buy your products and services. A big difference. And something I teach in this program and in all my training and coaching work.

The other very important element to developing your skills to sell your products and services with skill, is to be held to account to do what it takes to get the results.

Which is why sales coaching is a key element to achieve your results.

Sales Growth

Why do you want to improve you and your team’s ability to attract more customers and clients? It’s to grow sales results. Right!? Why do you want to achieve sales growth for you and your business?

So, you can help more customers with the products and services you deliver? What about the peace of mind knowing that you’re secure in your career and your business runs profitability and successful and you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Sales and sales growth are the number one thing on business owners’ minds, board of directors and people who are in the role of sales. Yet how many really employ, train and use a proven process to know how to consistently attract customers and grow sales with skill and passion?

Therefore, studying how to achieve a consistent flow of sales growth is paramount to all businesses, companies and people employed to make sales.

Study your craft, continually focus on learning how you can help more customer with the products and services you deliver with confidence and skill. This is how you will achieve outstanding and impressive sales growth.

Lead Generation

Being able to generate leads and a consistent flow of leads or prospective, customers and clients. Which ever you choose to call them, is the fundamental focus for all business and companies both large and small.

I see everyone from people attend networking groups, to attending expos to doing online marketing and advertising. Why?

To general leads and with good lead generation, what happens, you have people to sell your products and services to.

So, lead generation is critical. And its also equally critical that you be able to take the leads and prospects and convert them into happy paying customers. This is the element that many are struggling with, to learn and master.

Which is why I have spent a lot of time in this program focusing on lead generation, prospecting and also how to convert them to happy paying customers.

Team Productivity

If you want to truly success in your business and you have a team, productivity is critical. And I say this respectfully, of course you know this.

Yet I see working with many businesses and companies’ people are still working like they are from the 70s 80s and 90s.

Poor daily planning, lack of support, stuck at desks doing non-productive work, unwell, stress and overpaid for the results they achieve. Right position, wrong person for the role.

What are the keys that unlock team productivity? That have them work in a more productive way that has the business succeed in sales and results and makes for a more enjoyable working experience for all involved.

This will also come to how people are managed and lead. So with that, what are the most up to date approaches to being a team manager and leader that inspires and supports success?

I cover these important areas of team productivity and innovation.

Business Innovation

With all businesses it’s very often time to innovate. To make changes that bring it to a level of new productivity, new growth and new sales results.

Business innovation can mean to look at how you are marketing and sell your products and services. The image you’re portraying out your target market. What you’re selling and what would be worth considering stopping selling and what to start selling more of.

Business innovation is an ongoing process and if nothing else, learning and listening to what can help your business grow and improve will also greatly contribute to the ongoing development and innovation of your business, enterprise and career.

I spend lots of time talking about and sharing good information I have gathering around the most up to date ways to improve and innovate your business and company, so that you can achieve your goals and KPIs and grow and prosper.

Marketing Innovation

As you would know without good marketing how can you attract customer that you can sell your products and services to. Marketing can be fun and highly rewarding in the results it can achieve for businesses in the ability to generate customers and sales.

Yet what are the fundamental steps and principles to make the marketing of any business simple yet productive? With good marketing and marketing innovation, this allows you to attract customers and to be able to turn this on and off as you need them is critical to all business success.

To have a marketing plan that you can look at on 1 page, which I call the 1-page marketing plan. Which displays how your attracting prospects, who your converting prospects, and how you are having them consistently come and buy your products and services.

This is such a revolutionary way to marketing your business with skill and confidence.

Remember, how are we generating leads, how do we convert them consistently to want to by from us. And how to we have them keep coming back to buy from us and to refer us. If you know how to do this intimately, you will succeed.

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